SOmeday (1991)

"Someday" is a song by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey from her self-titled debut studio album (1990). Prior to Carey signing her record deal with Columbia, she and producer Margulies had written and produced a demo which included, "Someday". Once Carey began work on her debut album she reached out to Ric Wake and asked if he would produce the song to which he agreed.

"Someday" was released as the album's third single from the album on November 15, 1990 and was released the following month in the United States with multiple remixes. The song was a critical and commercial success; being described as a highlight track and going on to become Carey's third consecutive number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. "Someday" was subsequently included on many of Carey's compilation albums and greatest hits releases, including her MTV Unplugged (1992) album #1's (1998), Greatest Hits (2001), The Essential Mariah Carey (2011) and #1 To Infinity (2015).


In 1988, an 18-year-old Mariah Carey moved out from her mother's house in Long Island and into an apartment in Manhattan. She had composed a four-track demo tape with her writing partner Ben Margulies while she was attending high school. As 1988 progressed, Carey struggled to impress record executives with the tape and had failed in securing a record deal. She worked several jobs, including as a waitress and coat-checker, in order to pay for studio sessions with Margulies to make changes to the demo. After several months, Carey befriended singer Brenda K. Starr, and soon became one of her back-up vocalists. During recording sessions and rehearsals, Starr began to notices "glimpses" of Carey's "gifted" vocals. She thought that Carey was capable of achieving mainstream success and that she needed some guidance to break into the industry.

One evening, Starr took Carey to a record industry gala with hope of convincing a record executive to listen to Carey's demo. Jerry L. Greenberg, the president of Atlantic Records was interested in Carey, but as she handed him the tape, Tommy Mottola grabbed it, and said that he would tend to "the project". Mottola left the event later that evening, and got into his limousine and listened to the tape. He quickly realized that he had found a talented vocalist, turned the car around and returned to the party to find Carey, but she had already left. After a week of tracking her down through Starr's management, Mottola got in touch with Carey and brought her over to Columbia Records. After meeting with Carey and her mother Patricia for the first time, Mottola said, "When I heard and saw Mariah, there was absolutely no doubt that she was in every way destined for super-stardom." After a few brief meetings, Carey was signed to Columbia in December 1988.


Prior to Carey signing her record deal with Columbia, she and Margulies had written and produced fourteen songs over a three-year period, seven of which made the final track listing of her self-titled debut studio album (1990). Of these, "Someday" was one of the four tracks on the demo tape handed to Mottola. Carey explained that the process behind the song's conception, saying that Margulies would play different notes on an electric keyboard with Carey directing him on chord changes, and provided the lyrics, chorus and melody. Its producer Ric Wake later recalled that "Someday" was his favorite song from the beginning of recording sessions for the album, saying "I loved that song right from the beginning...Then Mariah called me one day and said 'I'd love to do it if you want to do it.' It was great, I'm glad she called me." "Someday" was recorded and mixed by Bob Cadway at The Power Station in New York City. In addition to be written by Carey and Margulies, they also arranged the song with Chris Toland. In addition to producing the track, Wake also carried out additional arrangement with Rich Tancredi. The drum programming was performed by Wake and Joe Franco, while Cadway played the guitars and Tancredi the keyboards. Carey performed all of her own background vocals. Carey later revealed that "Someday" was one of her favorite songs on the demo and that she would "listen to it over and over again on the subway after the studio sessions".

RElease and Remixes

"Someday" was released as the album's third single from Mariah Carey as a CD maxi single. It was released in the United Kingdom on November 15, 1990. It was released in the United States on December 13, 1990. The CD included multiple versions of the song, including the New 7" Jackswing, the New 7" Straight, the New 12" Jackswing and the New Pianopercapella mix. It also included the seventh track on Mariah Carey called "Alone in Love" as the B-side. "Alone in Love" was also written by Carey and Margulies, and produced by Rhett Lawrence. "Someday" was subsequently included on many of Carey's compilation albums and greatest hits releases, including #1's (1998), Greatest Hits (2001), The Essential Mariah Carey (2011), and #1 to Infinity (2015)

MTV Unplugged version

Despite having released two highly successful albums, Mariah Carey and Emotions (1991), the singer had yet to embark on world tour because of stage-fright and the possible negative effects of singing vocally strenuous songs every night. Many critics believed that unconvinced with her reasoning, and accused her of manipulating her vocals in the studio. In response, Carey appeared on MTV Unplugged to perform a short selection of her songs live in 1992. For her rendition of "Someday", she altered the arrangement and stripped it back to give it a rawer sound. This version was produced by Carey and Afanasieff and recorded live at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City on March 16, 1992. In the liner notes of #1 to Infinity, Carey expressed her dislike toward the original studio version on Mariah Carey and stated that she wished she could "delete some of the overproduction," which is why she decided to include the MTV Unplugged version on the compilation instead. Carey disapproved of some of the new elements added during the production of Mariah Carey, such as the replacement of the horns on the demo in favor of an electric guitar.

Music Video

The single's video, directed by Larry Jordan, was filmed on location at Bayonne High School in Bayonne, New Jersey and depicts a boy who treated a girl badly now wanting her back in his life. A group of hip-hop dancers appear, and at one point in the video, Carey joins them. It also featured Larry Wright drumming on plastic buckets. The main version of the video was based on "Someday" (new 7" jackswing), but there is an extended video with the music from "Someday" (new 12" jackswing). The new 12" jackswing version of the video was replaced by the 1992 MTV Unplugged live performance of the song on the DVD/home video #1's (1999).